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  • Where can I get my tickets?

    • Advance tickets are available for purchase online at: Tickets also available at the gate.

    • The ticket booth will be open each evening/each concert at 7pm. 

    • Wristbands MUST be worn at all times. We are not responsible for lost/stolen wristbands-if it comes off for some reason you must turn one in to get a new one. If you are drinking alcoholic beverages, you must be wearing the correct wristband.

    • By purchasing a ticket, you consent to possibly having your picture on social media.

    • Ages 12 and under can attend either concert for FREE.


  • Parking/ATV rules

    • There will be numerous parking signs throughout the Resort property. DO NOT park where there is a sign saying so. ALL violators WILL be towed at their own expense. These areas are kept open for employees and handicapped guests that are not able to walk a long distance.

    • Parking is FREE

    • Each site with hookups is allowed 2 vehicles only per site. More than that-please use labeled parking areas.

    • Golf Carts /ATV’s are permitted in the campground and on the Resort property. Safety is our #1 priority. NO person under the age of 12 years may operate an ATV, UTV, golf cart or any other motorized vehicle on the Resort property unless accompanied by someone 18 years of age or older.

    • Your cart can safely have 2 adults and 1 minor child on the front seat and the same for the rear seat.

    • 4 wheelers that have “racks” on either the front, rear or both are NOT seats.

    • Having additional riders on carts/ATV’s will NOT be tolerated.

    • All vehicles operated after dusk require head/taillights. A warning or 2 may be given. Further violations may result in the removal of said vehicle from the property, or may face eviction.

    • Children operating a motorized vehicle is a big responsibility and the age limit of a minor operating a cart/ATV is left to the discretion of the minor’s parent/guardian.

    • In the event of an accident, damage to any property or injury, the parent/guardian of the minor operating the vehicle will be held responsible.


  • Do I need to show my ID?

    • Yes. Guests will need to show their ID if they want a >21 wristband placed. No ID, No >21 band, No exceptions.

    • Underage drinking will not be allowed or tolerated.


  • Can we bring lawn chairs?

    • We encourage you to being something comfortable to sit on, whether it be a chair, blanket, or cushions.

    • There will be picnic tables throughout the venue for you to sit at also.

    • Please do not bring large tents or umbrellas inside the gate/concert area


  • Rules on weapons, fireworks, drones and pets.

    • Sorry, no pets are allowed inside the gate/concert area.

    • No outside food or beverages allowed inside the gate/concert area. Backpacks or bags may be searched.

    • Drones are prohibited in the concert area.

    • Absolutely NO weapons of any kind or fireworks allowed on Spiritwood Resort property – this is zero tolerance!


  • Will we be able to drink and eat inside the Resort during concerts?

    • Days of concerts, the inside will be closed to the public. There will be food vendors set up throughout the weekend. We will have a beer tent and liquor outside.


  • Camping information

    • ALL campers must stop at the ticket booth for your camping passes and a sticker must be displayed on your camper at all times.

    • ALL campers must be pre-registered at DO NOT pull into a site without reserving a spot or without a sticker.

    • We have unlimited primitive camping that can be reserved on also. You are allowed to have a fire in the primitive area, but you MUST have it in a fire ring-no exception.

    • Quiet generators are allowed in the primitive camping area.

    • Campers assume responsibility for the safety of all guests and children, both in and out of the water or on campground property and will be responsible for damage caused by your guests and children.

    • Campers must maintain adequate Liability and Insurance Coverage for your own personal property.

    • Pets must be leashed and attended to at all times. Clean up after your pets. BARKING DOGS will not be tolerated.​​


  • Concert rules and policies

    • Please pick up after yourself. There are plenty of garbage cans placed around the facility. We appreciate your help.

    • Please do not leave garbage or debris in the firepits. 

    • Please be respectful of the land/trees. Under no circumstances are you to take bark from live trees and no tree cutting. Wood for bonfires will be available through management

    • All guests assume complete risk and responsibility for any theft, injury, damage to personal property or person. Spiritwood Resort will assume NO liability or responsibility.

    • Spiritwood Resort management/security reserves the right to remove anyone or any group at any time at its own discretion.

    • There are NO refunds due to a person or group being removed.

    • Security will be present throughout the entire facility – please be respectful and follow the rules.

    • Have fun and be respectful to the staff and other campers/concert goers.



Thank you for choosing Spiritwood Resort Campground. We want our guests to have an enjoyable and safe camping experience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime.

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